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Life is complex, and so are people. Our job is to move through the layers, getting to the story within the stories and understand the meaning of the presenting problem in the context of these deeper matters. You need to be heard and accepted at the deepest levels so that together we are able to find ways to address the elements that matter. This is what helps move through to the other side so that health and purpose can flourish. Gerry Goertzen

Click link to read Gerry's article Sounds of Love Are In The Air

Searching for help when life becomes difficult can be overwhelming and add to the stress. There is a tremendous value in receiving help, but getting the right kind is crucial. For that reason, we offer counselling, coaching and workshops here in Manitoba.

The essence of Counselling/Therapy is to help resolve underlying issues of the past and present. When a person experiences healing from the aches and hardships of life, they are more prepared to forge ahead with renewed hope and ambition. If you want to address unresolved hurts, root causes of emotional/relational burdens or perhaps a clinical disorder, counselling is a place to start. Your counsellor will help develop a healing plan, offer clarity and give you tools for the journey. Your mental and relational health is worth the investment. Counselling is process oriented.

The essence of Life Coaching is to help with planning for the future, setting goals and attaining success by implementing the plan. If you want to focus on personal development, create an action plan and learn new skills for effective living, seeing a life coach is a great place to start. Your future development is waiting for you to act. Coaching is result oriented.

The staff at Riverbend Counselling & Wellness will assist you in the best way possible.

  Welcome to Kevin MacDonald, MA, MMFT. Kevin comes to us as Counsellor/Psychotherapist with his Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy.


Highlights of Our Services


Child & Youth

Could your child/youth benefit from professional support that makes a difference?

Jean MacKinnon and Amanda D'Ottavio specialize in this field. Contact them at our office at 204-334-4801

Anger Management

We provide an ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE that is recognized in Manitoba Courts, If you could benefit from this service, please call or email and we will help you address your issues and achieve the goal of moving beyond past regrets. See webpage for more info.

Sat., Jan. 14 (9am-4:30pm)
Sat., Feb. 11 (9am-4:30pm)

To Register call Mark Westman 204-334-4801

Also offered on an individual basis, weekdays.

Welcome to Amanda D’Ottavio, graduate of the University of North Dakota with a Masters degree in counselling therapy. Amanda completed her practicum with us in 2015-2016 and her clients have been wonderfully helped. We are so glad she’s chosen to continue on here as a full time therapist. See Amanda's webpage profile for more information

Sexual Concerns Therapy

Addressing your sexual concerns including anxiety, self-esteem, intimacy, pleasuring. Plus body functions, sexual identity, orgasm, erection, hyper or hypo desire, pornography, etc. Learn more about our specialist in this area, Susan Wenzel. Click here to see her her profile .

Life and Career Coaching

The essence of Life Coaching is to help with planning the future, setting goals and attaining success by implementing the plan.
Career Coaching - Time to look at a new Career? Need some help to oprepare for a job interview? Nervous about that job evaluation? Uncertain about post-secondary education or training?
Doris Neufeld will help you increase your self awareness, assess your skills, determine additional resources needed and help you make decisions that are right for you. Click here to see Doris' profile.

Domestic Violence Counselling

We offer Domestic Violence Counselling for legal/judicial purposes
At completion of Course, Client recieves a Certificate of Completion
and a Written Report

For more information see webpage

Court Related Assessments

We offer Court Related Assessment.

  • Forensic/Risk Assessments
  • Sentencing Reports
  • DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence and other court related matters requiring an expert witness willing to work collaboratively with your legal counsel
For more information Email us




Sounds of Love : Are In The Air

The first sound of love is a marvelous one – the Gasp. Were you not taken back with wonderment when feelings of infatuation began? Falling in love involves admiration and amazement, romance and passion. It’s certainly apparent at weddings when the bride dazzles everyone as she enters the room. All eyes are fixated on her beauty. The groom gasps and the audience marvels.

For those of us who’ve been in a relationship for a while (I’m married 31 years), do we still take in a deep breath of delight when meeting up with our partner at the end of the day or on the weekend? Have we forgotten to enjoy their smile, their scent, or even their corny jokes? Is romance and sex a happening thing? When is the last time you felt amazed in the presence of your lover?

I hope your “gasps” never stop occurring. In fact, I believe that a healthy couple is one who tries to stop their partner in their tracks with wonder and awe. People gasp when they witness something extraordinary. It’s inspirational to have one’s breath taken away. So remember to surprise one another. Create wonderment. Design thrills. Invent astonishment for your partner. Plan a surprise weekend getaway. Bring home flowers you picked from the ditch. Lock your cell phone up for the evening and pay total attention to your lover. Take a risk that will knock your partner off their feet. Love speaks in the language of gasps.

The second sound is a quasi painful one – the Groan! Love has a tough side to it. We understand there is a pain factor in relationships. It’s inevitable. We all encounter the hard work of settling differences, dealing with disappointments and climbing over hurdles you never expected, etc. There will be times when the road ahead gets bumpy, and it will seem very painful to move forward — so in those moments, groan, and groan loud if you must — but don’t be quick to abandon the mission. Decide now that when the pain factor goes up and the thrill factor goes down, you will be the ones who keep on going forward. If necessary, get professional help to discern what steps are best for you and your relationship.

The Sigh. You will come through difficult circumstances when all you can do is let out a sigh of relief. There’s no other sound to explain how thankful you are to be on the other side of that valley. Whether the tough thing is in your marriage, at work, parenting kids, financial or health, when you are barely crawling and have lost all hope, divine help comes through in the nick of time! Have you been there? There’s no way you could have handled it yourself, and so your heavy sigh of relief is sent upwards like a prayer of thankfulness.

The fourth sound could be argued that it is not a sound at all – the sound of Solitude. This is in the realm of “silence,” but I’m not talking about the deafening punishment of the silent treatment. Oh no. That’s a nasty one. What I’m saying is that each partner needs appropriate space, time apart, and a place of retreat. Solitude is meant to refresh your soul, gain a new insight, or develop your inner character. Solitude can be practical – going for a walk alone, reading a book, sleeping in an extra hour, listening to music, etc. When you are personally replenished you can be at your best again and engage more fully with your loved one. Being apart often stirs up the deeper longings for each other. Keep in mind that love offers adequate space, consideration and respect for one another’s boundaries.

The composition of love is never complete without Celebration. This is all about the remarkable fact that you get to be in this relationship. You get to do this together. You are wonderful individuals, but together you are even more remarkable. Think about the wonderful things you experience together: friends, backyard parties, vacations, children, career and financial goals, etc. Have you recently celebrated the accomplishments you’ve achieved together: house reno’s, job promotion, ongoing education, a hobby or recreation? Love invests in the pleasures of fulfillment, success, and joy. Love brings out the cheers and banners and party hats, the cake and ice cream and all things of gladness, so make lots of festive sounds of celebration.

Overall, love is a movement – similar to a musical overture that advances through all sorts of melodies; some high and some low, some glad and some sad, some boisterous and some calm. The song of love seems to splinter into a thousand tunes while a celestial ovation holds them all together seamlessly. So the bottom line is to make your relationship a concert of sounds and it will surely echo into eternity.

This article originally written by Gerry Goertzen for Winnipeg Women + Men Magazine. Read it here.


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