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There is tremendous value in receiving help, but getting the right kind of help is crucial. For that reason, we offer counselling and coaching. Below is a brief guide that will help you decide which of those would serve you best.

The essence of Counselling/Therapy is to help resolve underlying issues of the past and present, whereas the essence of Life Coaching is to help with future goals and their implementation. Here is a guide that might assist in deciding which of these services will suit your needs best.


  • Self-understanding and emotional healing
  • Focus on root causes of problems and hopeful solutions
  • Work on internal resolution of pain and replacing old patterns
  • Able to treat clinical disorders
  • Process oriented
  • Focus on roots of problem. What hurt, how to heal and move forward


  • Action plans for higher level of functioning
  • Focus on actions in the present and how they impact the future
  • Work on learning new skills and implementing effective choices
  • Attending to personal development
  • Result oriented
  • Attending to personal awareness and development


Counselling and Coaching are complimentary to one another. Some people find it helpful to first see one then the other. In some cases it’s best to first get some stability in life such as find a career path, self-esteem, spiritual health or some other new pattern of living. Seeing a Life Coach for this can bring a sense of settlement, after which one can see a counsellor for healing from trauma and difficulties of the past. However in some cases it’s best to reverse that order. Either way, you will not go wrong by investing in your future well-being.

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