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Are you ready for change?

Making decisions can be extremely challenging. You become paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision or confused by the options. This process can be complicated by a lack of confidence that has resulted from past mistakes. You may be hesitant to try something new and you are drawn towards the familiar pathway which may prevent you from making necessary changes.

Living true to your authentic self is difficult when life is full of distractions and daily demands on your time and emotional energy. It is easier to respond to those demands and neglect your own needs and interests. You are constantly tired, unhappy and resentful. Do you wonder what it would be like if you had the freedom to make choices and live a more balanced life?

Achieving your potential feels out of reach when your efforts to accomplish certain tasks or goals have ended in frustration and feelings of failure. You wonder if you have behaviors that sabotage your efforts but can’t identify those behaviors. Behaviors are determined by your beliefs and you may not be able to change your behaviors until you identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

The coaching process begins with identifying your desired goal. The pathway towards the goal is created by identifying your personal values and ensuring that the steps taken are consistent with those values. We then look at what obstacles need to be overcome in order to maintain forward movement and we acknowledge large and small steps along the way.

The role of the life coach is to provide a framework for self-discovery and goal completion. The life coach will remain objective throughout this process. As your life coach, I will help you interpret your thoughts, feelings and values so that you can determine the direction that you want to go. I will provide a safe environment that is free from judgment and offer unconditional acceptance. With effective support and commitment to the process, you can expect to improve your quality of life.

What changes would you like to see take place in your life? Identify a goal (small or large) that is important to you and let’s talk about what steps you could take in developing a wellness plan.


Let’s get started on developing your Personal Wellness Plan

Step 1. Determine What’s Important

    1. Identify your goals and values
    2. Understand your personality type and strengths

Step 2. Create a Pathway for Movement

    1. Identify your next steps
    2. Align decisions with goals and values

Step 3. Overcome Obstacles

    1. Recognize self-defeating behaviours
    2. Develop new skills and tools

Step 4. Maintain Movement

    1. Remain open to increased self-awareness
    2. Grow in confidence and self-belief

Step 5. Enjoy Your Life

    1. Experience a greater sense of wellness
    2. Live a life with passion and purpose

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See the Counselling vs Coaching page for further reading
Hours: Day time and evening appointments available.
Fees: Speak to Doris to discuss your options.


1. Life coaching
___a. $70 per session
___b. $195 for 3 sessions

2. Career coaching
___a. $80 per session
___b. $225 for 3 session

3. Executive coaching
___a. $90 per session
___b. $255 for 3 session




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